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Horizonte Real

Although small in size if compared to other apartment and office buildings, Horizonte Real has delivered many beneficial experiences to the company through the work done in here. Truth is there is no easy solution when it comes to slope stabilization. No project is the same, no soil is the same, and therefore not one design can be applied…
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Centro Morazán

Tall buildings always have parking areas in basements. We’ve provided slope stabilization solutions for many, many buildings. Through them, Geotecnica has gained rich experience in this area too. This particular project is so big that the owner has been constructing by areas over the years. Some of these areas we decided to reinforce with soil nailing and…
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Walmart El Sauce

In this project we combined two soil stabilization solutions: micropiles and soil nailing. The real challenge here was that no structure could go beyond the property limit. That limitation really restricted many possible solutions, especially soil nailing. We tried several arrangements and lengths and we finally came up with a solution in which the whole…
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Falla km. 14 carretera CA-6

There’s no easy way to solve serious cracking problems in subsoil and asphalt road due to geological faults. It takes the thorough analysis from several geological and geotechnical experts to understand how the road collapsed, why did it happen and how to provide a solution for the long term. Thanks to laboratory tests, computer-based analysis…
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